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Mukesh Srivastav-IT Manager

Web Application Maintenance

NKB Software Solutions offers offshore application maintenance services to provide you personalized and long-term support. We craft custom applications, maintain them and ensure continual support to sustain your focus on your core competencies.

We believe that for application maintenance and enhancement knowledge and awareness over the functions, compatibility of the tool, constant monitoring, timely action and periodic updating of information are essential.

Our dedicated Account Managers keep a constant track of reports, assess and suggest business needs and functions that need to be incorporated into the application on a regular basis. We provide a hassle-free maintenance with a well-structured program and sustained communication efforts.

We Offer

  1. Monitoring the smooth functioning of application and periodic assessment based on reports from the monitoring team and the client
  2. Updating and keeping track of new developments and functions that need to be incorporated into the application
  3. Suggestions on enhancement with a well laid roadmap and strategy
  4. Technical support

For large, one-time application enhancements, a maintenance contract might be best option for you to consider. But for software applications that are fairly standardized and modular, NKB SSL application maintenance contract is highly recommended. Signing an application maintenance contract with NKB is one way of making sure that your maintenance budget does not exceed.

There are no boundaries to what a well designed website or custom application can accomplish. When developing or maintaining a site/application, we strive to help you plan for a site that is fast loading, user friendly. Whatever your database needs may be, we can deliver a cost-effective solution, tailored to your eBusiness requirements. Contact us if you have any questions or comments, or need more information.

We utilize the following languages for our custom development: PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, JAVA/J2EE and more. Whether you need a Ecommerce storefront or Custom application , we perform total maintenace as well as system analysis, software testing - quality assurance and data modeling.

Our application maintenance contracts are usually set up on a monthly basis, providing you with excellent service at a much lower cost than maintaining a development and maintenance team at your premises.

We know how to address customers' needs and match our resources to serve those needs. You can even Hire a full time Developer to perform these services on monthly hiring basis.